Things That Make Colombian Coffee Special.

At the mention of Colombia, the first thing that comes to people's minds is their coffee. It's needless to say that Colombian coffee is the most popular coffee around the world. Many people wonder what makes Colombian coffee so special, this article will be discussing that. Coffee is a very popular drink. Many people drink it in the morning to stay alert since its caffeinated. Today, there are many types of coffee drinks served from cappuccino, espresso, lattes to many others. All these are designed to suit our different palettes and our coffee needs. What makes coffee special are the types of coffee beans used. Click this link to read more about Coffee Supplier. Colombian coffee beans are undebatably the best coffee beans in the market. Here is what makes Colombian coffee so special.
Just like with most plants, there are suitable climate conditions for coffee growth. When it comes to coffee growth, cold temperatures are unsuitable for growth. Coffee thrives in volcanic soils that are at a high altitude. When these conditions are there, coffee grows well. These conditions are present in regions in Columbia where coffee is grown. As a result of this, the coffee does well and great coffee beans are produced. The main secret behind the greatness of Colombian coffee is that it is grown in ideal climatic conditions and great soil.
As mentioned earlier, Colombian coffee is the most popular coffee we known. Columbia is responsible for over 12% of the coffee produced in the world. Given that Columbia is a very small country, this is a very high percentage. What this means is that people around the world love Colombian coffee. What is interesting about Colombian coffee is that it is not mass-produced. A high percentage of Colombian coffee is grown in small farms. Since the coffee is grown only in small farms, each coffee cherry is hand-picked. Visit here to learn more about colombian coffee. Hand-picking is better than the use of machines. When hand-picked only ripe cherries are picked and ruined or green ones are not selected. Hand-picking makes the quality of coffee way better.
When it comes to coffee beans, there are two main types. That is Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Most people prefer Arabica to robusta due to its lighter and sweeter taste and its lower caffeine content per bean. Columbia only grows Arabica. When you are drinking Colombian coffee, you will be drinking the best coffee bean available. These are some of the reasons that make Colombian coffee special. Learn more from